“Catchall VII with Air Pad System provides great value harvest with virtually no damage to trees”

We count with the most advanced harvest system, with last generation side-by-side machine, manufactured by the OMC (Orchard Machinery Corporation from USA), the founder of mechanical harvest equipment. After shaking the tree, the plums are collected into a bin capable to receive 450 kgs. Fully loaded bins are taken from the field with a bin carrier and transported to either the drying field close to the orchard (for sun dried system) or to a truck side, for further transportation to dehydration plant.




The sun dried system, which is the most environmentally known friendly process of dehydration; fruit is distributed into specially selected field through an innovative designed car capable to distribute 8-9 bins at the same time. The fruit stays at the field until reaches 18%-20% moisture, then is recollected and dispatched for it’s processing. 


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Las Condes, Santiago, Chile


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Orchards: Colchagua Valley, Palmilla, VI Region - Chile